Reflection on Feedback – Blog Stage 1

I actually found this to be one of the more difficult parts of the assessment so far. Well not the receiving part of the feedback but rather the giving.  I felt uncomfortable in this role probably because of my age and my previous educational experiences which have been based on more traditional pedagogy. Or perhaps it is because I am very shy. In any event there were definite ‘barriers’ to this part.

When I read other students’ work it made me question my own understanding of the topic and task. But rather than clarifying the task for me it created more anxiety for me. However as I reflect upon this now I can see that the more I questioned myself about the topic the better my understanding would/should be. I noticed that there were some posts in my peers’ posts that I had forgotten to do, namely the Google Search, and this reminded me to do it. So the evaluation process acted as a checklist for me.

In the evaluation of my work one of my peers suggested that I did some more screenshots of a certain search to clarify it better which was good advice. The other feedback I received was about the quality of sources that I found and I found this very positive. Perhaps I will become more comfortable with this part of the assessment the next time round.