Feedback Evaluation – Stage 2

I felt the feedback process was easier this time, possibly because having reached the end of the unit my understanding of the assignment tasks was clearer or possibly because I felt a little more comfortable having done it before. Unlike the first post in which I found reading other student’s work somewhat confusing this time there was greater clarity.  It certainly helped that the other students in my group were also undertaking Information Learning Activities (ILA) in a university setting. I certainly wouldn’t feel equipped to evaluate ILAs in a school setting as I don’t have the professional experience or knowledge.

In providing feedback for other students I was able to point out that one of the students hadn’t related their discussion to Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy which was mentioned in the criteria sheet. My team mate then added this to her post which I was pleased about as it made it a positive experience for me.  I also mentioned a point that I thought needed clarifying in the methodology to another team mate which I hoped they found useful. Reading this student’s blog identified an Information Literacy model, namely Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy that I had not thought to use in my discussion but fitted in perfectly and so this added value to my work.

Likewise the feedback I received was very positive which is heartening with comments such as “I liked your reference to Jamie McKenzie’s, The Research Cycle, as this was not one of the models I used. It fits well with your cohort of learners” and “I agree with all the recommendations made, especially one and two”.

The positive feedback was great but another comment which was in relation to an observation that I made about the delivery and content of my ILA ………“It would be interesting to hear your view on how you would change this to maximise the effectiveness of the learning activity” was extremely helpful. Because of this I edited my discussion blog clarifying my point.  I would say in all honesty that I would have appreciated more concrete criticism as I was looking for points and assistance that would enhance my submission and it was the critical evaluation that was the most valuable.  Of course, I have to acknowledge at the same time that I was reluctant to be overly critical myself of others’ work.  Overall though I would have to acknowledge that it was a beneficial exercise and forced me to contact other students which helped negate the feeling of isolation that online studying can foster.


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