Questionnaire 3 – Stage 2

Questionnaire 3


  1. 1.       Take some time to think about your topic. Now write down what you know about it.

I have gained a lot more knowledge about inquiry based learning in general. Specifically in conducting my ILA I have found quite extensive literature on its role in academic libraries and the advantages of inquiry based or problem based information literacy classes for university students.

2. How interested are you in this topic?  Check (ü) one box that best matches your interest.

Not at all    not much ☐    quite a bit ☐    a great deal

My interest level has certainly increased with the reading of the literature and conducting my own evaluation of a program that we provide here.


3. How much do you know about this topic?  Check (ü) one box that best matches how much you know.

Nothing      not much     quite a bit     a great deal

4. Thinking back on your research project, what did you find easiest to do? Please mention as many things as you like.

  • Evaluating sources
  • Finding relevant information
  • Constructing new meaning from old and new information

5. Thinking back on your research project, what did you find most difficult to do? Please mention as many things as you like.

Managing sources – I am sorry to say that that I am still as disorganised as ever. I have numerous folders containing journal articles, information literacy standards etc. on my desktop and  USB with stupid names like “good research”  and “very relevant” which of course means that I have to “sort and sift” through them constantly. I even have print copies littered all around my desk (with post-it notes saying “do not touch – important” written on them). I certainly did not use Evernote to its full potential – mainly using it as a communication tool for my Blog posts.

Determining the extent of the information required is still a problem – ever the librarian I love the search process and once I am on an information seeking mission I hate to stop.

Getting on with it – I need to spend less time thinking about it and more time doing it. Could someone please invent a procrastination pill. I’m sure there is a huge market for it.


6. What did you learn in doing this research project?

I struggled with some of the technology involved, such as inserting screen shots into Blogs – fortunately working where I do I was able to pick the brains of co-workers. Likewise with Excel (which I have never used before – I know this is hard to believe) I spent days fiddling trying to create graphs becoming more and more frustrated. I learnt how to ask for help but I wish I had done it a lot sooner which would have saved me a lot of angst.

On a personal note I discovered that I am not the only person in this house who can a) iron a shirt and b) cook a meal – yay!


7.  How do you now feel about your research? Check (ü) one box that best matches how you feel.

Unhappy  – I don’t feel confident with how it turned out   

Confused – I don’t really know what I was looking for

Moderately Confident – I think it turned out OK

Happy – I’m really happy with how it turned out

Note that I only said “moderately confident”. I guess we will have to wait for the final grade which is not really going to be a true indication. It is an unfortunate fact that we have to have a grading system to measure students but that is the way it is. Regardless of this I know I have learnt a great deal about the topic, my own research skills and strengths and weaknesses as a student.


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